Meet Thomas Gainsbear

Taking inspiration from the late 18th century British portrait and landscape painter Thomas Gainsborough, and combining with an ongoing fascination of all things collage, Clyde would like to introduce the works of teddy portrait revolutionary Thomas Gainsbear.

Thomas Gainsbear (1788–1493), a British merchant and part-time ballet dancer, was famous for his distinctive portrait paintings of prominent hookers and other contemporary figures of society. Few of his works now survive, at least not willingly, and six by sheer chance have fallen into the possession of the Penguin family. Lock up your Grandfathers!

Roll over below to see the six surviving Gainsbears.

Reverend Robert Llewellyn III,
by Thomas Gainsbear

Pokey John Peterson-Henderson-Hartington-Smythe,
by Thomas Gainsbear

Mrs Cynthia Edwards née Gelderblast,
by Thomas Gainsbear

Madame Sophie LaCrosse,
by Thomas Gainsbear

Thomas the Unpronounceable the Eighth,
by Thomas Gainsbear

Professor Nathaniel “Snoopy” Ballthrust,
by Thomas Gainsbear

Details for each Gainsbear:
14” x 20” (36cm x 51cm),
Fabric and mixed embellishments on canvas,
First exhibited at the 2011 Harbour City Bears’ Artspace as part of the 2011 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras,
Monstrosity Gallery, opening 21 February 2011.



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